Hello beautiful, colorful, friends!

Happiest of happy Thursdays to you all this week! This one has been quite the doozie on my end and I am exhausted to say the least. When a week  runs long I only have one thing on my mind- dessert! Granted, I’m personally not a huge sweets eater but when I get a craving I’m not usually one to resist. This made me realize though, that although I’m not getting married anytime soon, how on earth am I ever going to have a wedding cake if I don’t like traditional cake and icing?! Panic ensued followed by hours stalking Pinterest after… and it turns out I’m not alone. Plenty of other nuts out there have strange tastes like me and here are some my sweet tooth is dying over!

via Estate Weddings and Events

Y’all… French Macaroons are my all time favorite dessert. They’re colorful, dainty, and delicious. Nothing fixes a bad day like a long bubble bath and french macaroons and nothing could improve on a perfect wedding like a macaroon cake. This I’m definitely using (for my nonexistent wedding). Any Gossip Girl fans out there? Blair Waldorf would approve. XOXO.

via Elizabeth Ann Designs

Okay so Pinterest had a ton of donut cake Pinspiration. Truth be told, I donut like donuts. (Ha, punny.) But I love the pretty simplicity of this little arrangements. Plus side? If your man is super into The Simpsons you can sell him on the idea by saying he can have a Homer moment.

via Vintage and Cake

Of course a little cake makes the list with this gorgeous Naked Cake. The naked cake is the latest huge trend and I just love it. I’ve been downing naked cakes long before they were cool and let me tell ya- you do not miss the icing on these babies. I had one for my sixteenth birthday a million years ago in Atlanta and it has the sweetest little strawberry jam layers in between with a little icing… I about died. I’m hoping for more naked cakes in my life.

So, there you have it, a few of my favorite weirdo alternative cakes to spice up the big day (or a rough Thursday in my case). I’m off to the store to find some sweet treats of my own. What cool trends have you seen/heard/tried?!