Is anyone else in shock by the fact that’s we are already in the second month of 2015. Where has January gone? As you probably already know or maybe you don’t, February is deemed to be the month of love, but it can be extremely stressful for couple who are engaged. On top of the wedding planning and penny pinching you have to worry about celebrating the “holiday of love”; which should be the most important one this year since you’re engaged right?

I personally know I get a little anxiety when trying to decide on what to get my significant other and we aren’t even engaged. Valentine’s Day seems to hit you full force when you’re not looking. You just spent time and effort picking out the best Christmas presents in December and in my case birthday gifts in January. And then BAM! not even a month later I’m scrambling trying to get a Valentine’s day gift together. So, I asked myself; why not make something or do something that’s sweet, inexpensive, and romantic?

Here are a few ideas to help cut cost and be romantic all at the same time.

A Sensual Valentine

Via What’s On My Porch

What better way than to give 5 little surprises in these sleek looking boxes. I love this gift because you can be as creative as you would like.


Via Love Bugs and Postcards

You can’t get much better than this when trying to compliment. All it take is a deck of cards and the sweetest thoughts you have!

Cuddling Teepee

Via Buzzfeed

Such a cute and creative way to celebrate with your future husband is featured to the left. This has to be my favorite idea that I have seen for celebrating Valentine’s day with your special someone. A nice dinner and a bottle of wine in a cozy room makes for one romantic and inexpensive evening!

Have a happy Valentine’s Day and happy planning!