Pinterest is just filled with brilliance. Seriously, this site is like my crazy creatively fueled mind on steroids. I admit, I don’t think of my future non-existent wedding often because it is just that — I’m not engaged, no planning to do, and I’m pretty happy at this point in my hectic life. However, when I do think about personal touched I would use for my own big day it’s always the insanely intimate and private moments I romanticize most. Which is why I have a strange love of grooms gifts.

You know those sweet tokens the bride sometimes surprises her partner with on the wedding day leading up to the ceremony? Yes? No? Well I want to talk about how fab they are! I call them sweet little love notes (just like I hate “sweet nothings” and call them “sweet somethings” instead). The puns are my favorite. Here is my personal guide to what I have in my head to do for my man when that day comes.

1. Watch, “Don’t be late!”

Or you know, “Greatest day of all time” or “Counting the minutes until I do”. This is by far the most expensive day of gift on my list, but watches are timeless and cool and I love them on everyone.

2. Socks for “cold feet”

Solving every bride’s fear of cold feet one step at a time. Cozy, sweet, fun, and if you want to get real crazy, like I always am, monogram it.

3. Alcohol for the jitters

Okay, the saying is adorable. “Grow old with me, the best is yet to be” is super poetic. My man loves scotch and whiskey and all things manly. I’d definitely send up a little bottle service for him and his buddies to kick off the good times and calm any nerves.

These are my thoughts on a sweet little ways to make the big day intimate before it even begins. Of course the ideas are endless and should be customized to y’all. Like a sweet embroidered handkerchief to dry his eyes from the tears of joy from seeing your gorgeous self or sending him a burger to keep him fueled for the day, The possibilities are as endless as your love.

Happy Thursday colorful readers!